Vintage Custom Model Equine Center

Vintage custom model horse in top photo: Chirin's Bell (by Judy Renee Pope).

Vintage Custom Model Equine congress

For several  years in the 1990s (until NAMHSA's North American Nationals began; we chaired the first NAN), we held one of the world's largest model horse shows, Central Model Equine Congress (CMEC), in Ohio.

​Now there's more fun ahead with the bi-annual Vintage Custom Model Equine Congress--a gratifying get-together of enthusiasts and their vintage custom models to compete in person for prizes. From the people's-choice Vintage Custom Showcase contest to the judged showings of the Breed Challenge, it's a day full of ways to celebrate these survivors from the 1960s to the 1990s!


The first-ever Vintage Custom Model Equine Congresswas held May 7, 2016, in Battle Creek, Michigan. Hobbyists from eight states filled American Legion Captain Oscar Brady Post No. 298 with more than a thousand model horses!

Judges Lisa Shepard, Teri Steele, and Ardith Carlton awarded the VCMEC Breed Challenge's top honors to Grand Champion Veiled In Gold, a 1990s creation by Lesli Kathman that's owned and shown by Julie Propes of Illinois, and Reserve Grand Champion RM Spring Snow, a 1980s work by Julie Froelich that's owned by Lisa Wickham of Texas and proxy-shown by Deb Carlson of Minnesota. 

In the popular-vote Vintage Custom Showcase, emerging as the Grand Champion was *So Viktor Alexi, a 1980s legend created, owned and shown by Sue Rowe of Minnesota. Reserve Grand Champion was The Tick, a 1990s work by Pat Sinnott and Marge Para that's owned and shown by Sue Sudekum of Michigan.

Those four returned in a people's-choice showdown for the Supreme Championship of the show--and taking the top spot was RM Spring Snow. Reserve Supreme Champion in the voting was *So Viktor Alexi.

In addition to beautiful commercial awards, the class winners and champions won gorgeous tile prizes created and donated by Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig, with one-of-a-kind creations going to the Supreme Champion and Reserve Supreme Champion.

VCMEC 2016 is a North American Model Horse Shows Association-approved qualifying show for the hobby's prestigious North American Nationals, so all 1st- and 2nd-place horses in the VCMEC Breed Challenge received NAN cards qualifying for the 2017-2020 NAN shows.

The premiere issue of VCMEC's quarterly online newsletter, VCMEC Hores Re-View, will have the full VCMEC 2016 show report and photos galore, so stay tuned--and start thinking about 2018, when we'll get together again to make hobby history as well as revisit it!