Vintage custom model horse in top photo: Chirin's Bell (by Judy Renee Pope).


Vintage Custom Model Equine Center

​​Evolving since the 1960s, the hobby of model horse showing has been the impetus for a good many customized models to come into the world.

Model horse shows nowadays are usually held either in person, as "live" shows, or through photographs, as "photo" shows--and VCMEC offers vintage customs the opportunity to participate in both types of shows! 

  • VCMEC's Vintage Custom Model Equine Congress is a bi-annual live show--held for the first time in May 2016, and happening again on May 6, 2018--that brings enthusiasts together as their vintage custom models compete for prizes. From the people's-choice Vintage Custom Showcase contest to the judged showrings of the Breed Challenge, it's a day full of ways to celebrate these survivors from the 1960s to the 1990s!

  • The VCMEC Online World Championships is an online photo show series that spans 18 months, and first began in September 2016. It's designed to determine the world's top vintage custom equines through competitions focusing on conformation and breed type, color and workmanship, judged by an array of respected hobbyists.

News and announcements are available on each of their linked pages above, as well as on our Vintage Custom Model Equine Congress group on Facebook: