Vintage Custom Model Equine Center

Vintage custom model horse in top photo: Amarna Bint Morafic (by Elizabeth Bouras). 


Renovation is underway on the home-to-be of the Vintage Custom Model Equine Center. This structure in Michigan will welcome hobbyists as well as introduce visitors to this unique equine folk art and how to get involved in the hobby.

One of VCMEC's most exciting features will be our museum of vintage custom model horses, with revolving exhibits devoted to various artists and other aspects of the model horse hobby. 

The hobby's rich history will have a room of its own, as will a different kind of equine folk art from the other side of the world: the antique Japanese battle-horse doll collection--possibly the largest outside Japan--of the Society for the Preservation and Appreciation of Kazari-Uma Ningyo (SPA-KUN).

In the spirit of the early days of model horse showing, we plan to host occasional fun shows in the VCMEC Hobby House & Museum's ample backyard. An even bigger venue will be needed for our main event, though: Vintage Custom Model Equine Congress, a gratifying get-together of enthusiasts and their vintage custom models to compete for prizes.

Now, that said, the grand opening of the VCMEC Hobby House & Museum will not be happening soon. Renovation began in 2015 and will require some years to complete. Watch for progress updates on the Newest News page of this web site! In the meantime, we are planning exhibits and assembling their makings, to be ready to roll when that great day comes. 

​We're looking forward to future fun, and hope you'll join us!

-Sparky C.