Vintage custom model horse in top photo: RM Pravda (by Julie Froelich). Above right photo, left to right: Deloyer Starblazer (by Lisa Rivera), Sadamebius (by Nancy Strowger), Lunanegra (by Lee Francis), So Class Act (by Sue Rowe), and Highwayinthewind (by Judy Renee Pope).



Vintage Custom Model Equine Center

8/26/2018: What an event! Thanks to all who helped make Vintage Custom Model Equine Congress II such a great day of memories and fondly remembered model horses! The VCMEC Museum was also tremendously honored to receive some historic donations. Watch for our report here in late September, and be thinking about 2020--we sure are!

In the meantime, Nancy Kelly's fine four-page feature on the show has been published in the Summer 2018 issue of Model Equestrian: Horse Collecting and Hartland News! Within the U.S., the issue is $6 postpaid via PayPal or $5.50 by check. Get yours by contacting editor and publisher Gail Fitch at Thank you so much for the spotlight time for VCMEC, Nancy and Gail!

The world's greatest vintage custom model show horses have been crowned in the 2016-17 VCMEC Online World Championships! Featuring entries from seven countries, the culmination of this 18-month competition stuffed the Summer 2018 VCMEC Model Horse Re-View so full, the issue burst into two halves, what with our site's uploading size constraints! Be sure to check out both Part A and Part B of this photo-filled issue! 

Yep, a lot has been going on--and the excitement continues with the soon-to-start 2018-19 VCMEC Online World Cham- pionships! The entry deadline for the first of its six legs is September 8, so don't miss out--a link to its show info packet is on our Event Page. Let your vintage custom herd take on the world!

4/29/2018: The first in the VCMEC Museum's planned series of vintage customizers' oral histories will be recorded this Saturday, May 5, at the Red Roof Inn & Suites Battle Creek. Featured will be artist Beth Peart of Canada. The next day will be Vintage Custom Model Equine Congress II at Battle Creek's American Legion Captain Oscar Brady Post No. 298, where in addition to the day's events, author Nancy Kelly will be on hand to photograph vintage stars for possible use in her upcoming book on the model horse hobby. This weekend will be a great one for vintage customs, and we hope to see you there!

4/11/2018: Deadline day--the fateful April 15--is nearly here for Vintage Custom Model Equine Congress II, coming up on May 6 in beautiful Battle Creek, Michigan. Be sure to see the link to the show information packet on our Event Page!

3/15/2018: A good read awaits in the Winter 2018 issue of VCMEC Model Horse Re-View, our free quarterly publication that's available for download now! And don't forget, Vintage Custom Model Equine Congress II is coming up quick, May 6 in beautiful Battle Creek, Michigan. The entry deadline is April 15, and you'll find a link to the show information packet on our Event Page!

2/14/2018: Just placed a big order with Hodges Badge Company for the awards for this May's VCMEC Live and the recently concluded 2016-17 VCMEC Online World Championships--our valentine to the hobby we love! Also, you may notice broken image links in our Signature Guide...we're currently moving some images, and they'll be back soon.


1/31/2018: Happy New Year! The official show packet for Vintage CustomModel Equine Congress is ready now--a link to the pdf is on our Event Page! The entry deadline is April 15, so don't miss out. Hope to see you and your vintage custom herd there! 


12/31/2017: Plans are underway for the next Vintage Cus-tom Model Equine Congress live show, to be held in Battle Creek, Michigan, on May 6, 2018--watch for the official show information packet here on January 31! In the meantime, the 28-page Autumn 2017 issue of our free quarterly publica-tion, the VCMEC Model Horse Re-View, is available for down-load now! It features the results of the fifth leg of the VCMEC Online World Championships, a look back at the epic estate sale of the collection of the late Marney J. Walerius, and more. Best wishes to all for a happy, healthy New Year!


9/18/2017: It's been an exciting summer! In July we were honored to attend NAMHSA's No NANsense model horse event at Rupp Arena in Lexington, Kentucky, where we  spoke about VCMEC and our mission, and distributed VCMEC brochures (the new VCMEC 2017 Brochure page has a down-loadable version). Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig's A Good Vin-tage IV vintage custom showcase was part of the festivities, and future residents of the VCMEC Hobby House & Museum not only captured two of the five divisional championships, but also one of the show's top accolades: a special award from the Senior Curator of the Smithsonian American Art Museum! A report on the fun and fellowship in Lexington is among the goodies in the 30-page Summer 2017 issue of  VCMEC Model Horse Re-View, our free quarterly publica-tion that's available for download now!


6/04/2017: The Spring 2017 issue of our free downloadable quarterly publication, featuring the results of the third leg of the VCMEC Online World Championships and a tribute to the late Marney J. Walerius, godmother of the model horse hobby, is available now! Download yours on the VCMEC Model Horse Re-View page.


3/20/2017: We've just received a donation of four historic vintage customs from Laurel Orrin! Read all about them on our new page for Donated Vintage Customs! Thank you so much for your kindness, Laurel--the Museum is honored to welcome this wonderful quartet.

3/18/2017: The Winter 2017 issue of our free downloadable quarterly publication, featuring the results of the second leg of the VCMEC Online World Championships, along with a look at seven vintage customs rescued from a flea market and what they've gone on to accomplish, has been uploaded to the VCMEC Model Horse Re-View page!


1/29/2017: If you haven't done so already, just over two weeks remain to enter the VCMEC Online World Champion-ships! In this quarterly series, anyone anywhere can compete with a photo of their vintage custom model equine,  and  have a chance to win a vintage custom Traditional Breyer that was repainted by the legendary Nancy Strowger! The entry deadline is February 15, so don't miss out!


1/07/2017: Happy New Year! Hopefully you've already seen these on our Facebook page in recent months, but, we've finally worked out how to post .pdfs of this size on our own website now...sooo, check out our brand-new page for our free downloadable quarterly publication, the VCMEC Model Horse Re-View! The Summer 2016 issue has photo-filled  coverage of May's Vintage Custom Model Equine Congress live show, while the colorful Autumn 2016 issue features the results of September's first leg of the VCMEC Online World Champions.  The results of the second leg, held in December, make for an exciting Winter 2017 issue--watch for it soon!


8/06/2016: Vintage Custom Model Equine Congress and the VCMEC Online World Championships each have pages of their own now, so be sure to check 'em out! Coming up next will be the first issue of our downloadable quarterly publication, VCMEC Model Horse Re-View!


7/31/2016: We're pleased to announce an epic new event, the VCMEC Online World Championships! In this quarterly series, anyone anywhere can compete with a photo of their vintage custom model equine, and have a chance to win a vintage custom Traditional Breyer that was repainted by the legendary Nancy Strowger! Click here to download your copy of the 9-page 2016-17 VCMEC Online World Championships show packet .pdf!  


7/24/2016: What a wonderful time we had at the first-ever Vintage Custom Model Equine Congress on May 7, with entrants from eight states filling Battle Creek's American Legion Captain Oscar Brady Post No. 298 with more than a thousand model horses. (We had so much fun, it's taken a while to recover...!) The premiere issue of VCMEC's quarterly online newsletter, VCMEC Model Horse Re-View, will have the full show report and photos--stay tuned!


5/05/2016: The June 2016 issue of semi-annual maga-zine Equine Collectibles has come out, and it's exquisite in every way! We're honored that several of our Museum's vintage customs, including work by Cheryl Abelson and Cindy Derreseau, Michelle Belisle (DeSpiegelaere), Elizabeth Bouras, Julie Froelich, Kathleen Maestas, Beth Peart, Nancy Strowger, and Carol Williams, were selected to appear in Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig's epic feature. If you aren't already a lucky subscriber, grab your back-issue quick at Blackberry Lane Press!


4/15/2016: We've got wonders in the works for the first-ever Vintage Custom Model Equine Congress, coming up May 7! If you haven't yet entered, act fast--the entry deadline is today!


3/19/2016: We're thrilled to unveil the VCMEC logo, designed by Sue R. Sudekum! The Vintage Custom Model Equine Congress page is just the first of the places you'll be seeing it. Thank you so much, Sue!


3/10/2016: Vintage Custom Model Equine Congress, coming up May 7 in Battle Creek, Michigan, is now officially a North American Model Horse Shows Association-approved qualifying show for the prestigious North American Nationals! All 1st- and 2nd-place horses in the VCMEC Breed Challenge classes will receive NAN cards qualifying for the 2017-2020 NAN shows. Click here to download the VCMEC 7-page show packet .pdf!


3/06/2016: Check out the new Facebook group for Vintage Custom Model Equine Congress!


2/29/2016: The show packet for the first-ever Vintage Custom Model Equine Congress, to be held May 7 in Battle Creek, Michigan, is available now as a downloadable 7-page .pdf! Click here to download yours!


2/16/2016: Lots underway, and there's huge news: Our first-ever Vintage Custom Model Equine Congress will be held Saturday, May 7, in Battle Creek, Michigan! Complete details and a downloadable show packet will be ready by the end of February--stay tuned! 


​We're also looking forward to the June 2016 issue of Equine Collectibles, the exquisite new magazine from Blackberry Lane Press, featuring Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig's epic opus on vintage customs!  We were honored to be invited to contribute memories and photos for this historic article.


7/14/2015: This summer's a busy one, getting renovations underway and finding ways to pay for 'em. In the meantime, we're excited to have a full-color ad in the inaugural Model Horse Directory, coming out at BreyerFest 2015 at the Kentucky Horse Park this weekend! 


5/16/2015: There's a slew of additions to the Signature Guide today! Thanks so much again for your submissions!


4/22/2015: Added a sub-page for the Society for the Preserva-tion and Appreciation of Kazari-Uma Ningyo (SPA-KUN). The SPA-KUN collection of antique Japanese battle-horse dolls will be one of the features at the VCMEC Hobby House & Museum! 


4/14/2015: The Signature Guide is off to a nice start--and now, with our acquisition of the home-to-be for the VCMEC Hobby House & Museum, the website is going live!


12/20/2014: The birth of our website, in the Year of the Horse, of course! It won't be ready to go live by year's end, but today is the first step of the way!